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#3826 Old 6th Dec 2018 at 5:46 AM
Beginning of Pleasantview – Round 14

Gunther Goth is now an Elder. Which is odd because his parents are still alive and well. Gunther works for the SimCity police, and probably won’t be able to run the Goth Estate fully since Victor is still alive. Victor hates Gunther and thinks the best thing that came from him was his highly intelligent Grandson, Mortimer. Victor is going to give Mortimer the Estate when he becomes an adult. Before the round ended, Mortimer Goth went to university. He got 4 scholarships. He doesn’t need them, but his family wanted him to apply for them, so he did. I except Mortimer to do very well at university and be the first sim in Pleasantview to graduate.

Michael Bachelor plans to meet his best friend Mortimer Goth at university. I think I’m going have them move in together in a home, instead of a dorm. Mr. & Mrs. Bachelor marriage is unofficially over. Simis was caught flirting with another woman at a party last round. He and Jocasta have fought but are civil now. However, the is no love between them. Simis rolls wants to be with other women, and Jocasta just act like Simis doesn’t exist. I plan on divorcing them next round if they keep it up.

Bella has grown into a pretty teenager.

She’s a fitness freak but refuses to be seen walking around in tennis shoes with an athletic bra. So, she wears makeup and a dress to impress. I can’t wait until she’s an adult, she’s going to cause soooo much trouble.

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#3827 Old 7th Dec 2018 at 1:02 PM
I finally felt more "me" enough to play Sims yesterday!

It took me about half an hour to locate my tablet with all my notes on about where I was upto on my rotation, but when I finally did - turns out I was in Desiderata Valley. So much of this rotation to go and so many interesting households.

Last rotation, Monica Bratford-Beare had a miscarriage - she was crying about it in the bathroom when I entered the household yesterday and I felt so bad for her, being that she had nearly carried to full term, so I used the bio clock to make her pregnant and give birth straight away. She had a daughter, Ramona. Adding to the 2 daughters she already has - Tracey and Jolyne, and Kevin's daughter with his ex, Ellie. It's a household of blonde haired girls. Ellie is off at uni at the moment though, so I ended up redecorating her bedroom for Tracey, as today Jolyne would become a child and be kicked out of the Nursery room for Ramona. Jolyne grew up adorably (she has such an outgoing/active personality, and I've made sure her appearance reflects that!), although I really want to see more variation in Ramona - being that Tracey looks just like Monica and Jolyne looks just like Kevin.

In the Hart household, I made the mistake of leaving my computer for a moment and when I came back all the kids were being taken by the soical worker because Purple, one of their daughters, had heatstroke. I quit without saving, because I'm not that mean and it was my fault. When I re-entered the household, it was chaotic as usual with their youngest 6 children running around the place. I've finally redone the boys and girls bedrooms, but hadn't yet assigned beds it would appear - so they all kept falling asleep on the sofas/floors. Love is their oldest in the household, since his 2 older siblings have moved out and got married. They'll be expecting grandbabies soon... I hate to imagine how many Hart's will be running around the neighbourhood in the future, being that there's already so many of them, most of them are family Sims, and a lot of them have married other sims with 'big' families. I'm expecting most to have atleast 3-5 children... that's... 30-50 grandchildren for Matthew and Sarah, and that's hoping none of them take after their parents and have 10 themselves. Anyway, Love had a day off work so he mostly made meals and looked after his younger siblings. Gabriel-John, the youngest, became a child. So the Nursery because a much needed 2nd bathroom.

Over in Riverblossom Hills, Abiah Goodie (grandchild of the Goodie's) is struggling to maintain a farm. Both his pigs died. I don't know how... to be honest I barely know how to look after the animals I download, I should really learn. I think it's because they went a few hours without water because they died of starvation even though they had food. Who knows. I just bought more and that was that. Danny and Sarah Crittur's first litter are turning into elders. Abiah still has his eyes on Prudence Martin, the daughter of Jules and Andrew Martin but they're not engaged yet as both are still in school for another rotation or two.

Over in the Burb household, Ryan Burb (later in life baby of John and Mary (Gavigan)) brought home Gabriel-John Hart from school, which was brilliant because I really want him to marry Adriel Burb eventually. Adriel became a child today too, she's pretty average looking and I don't really remember what clothes I even put her in or what her personality was like. Either way, Gabriel-John mostly played with the chickens and payed no attention to Adriel. So by the end of the evening, they hadn't even met!

The other households I played were all fairly boring, as they were newly adult couples moving into their first home. Lester and Dottie Una got a genie lamp and used it to get enough money to build a second story to their 1 bedroom house. I left the upstairs fairly blank though because I'm not sure when they're going to have kids so it might become a pottery room for now. Maybe.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#3828 Old 7th Dec 2018 at 9:22 PM
So, I finally continued my rotation in the main „city“ of my Uberhood, Veronaville.

Miranda Capp lives with her younger sister Desdemona Capp whose husband is a remade cashier from the original name with the fitting name Othello in the old villa of the Summerdreams. The three will soon be four, since Desdemona is in the third trimester. I was a bit worried about Miranda, but she wasn’t very affected by the death of one of her many lovers the round before, Marla O’Feefee (née Biggs), even though it was her own cow plant! She was rather busy hitting on the fake Bella from Strangetown on Othello's party.
Miranda's younger brother Hal Kirschfink enjoyed a quiet day with his wife Pandora (Townie Kendra McCarthy) and their son Prometheus. They are saving money for a bigger house at the moment, so nothing much to redecorate there. And on the other side oft he street on the Old silo farm, the youngest of this branch of the Capps, Elvira Wolosenko gave birth to a baby girl I named Ariel after the original name of her mother. The father is her college sweetheart and husband Claudio (Orion Teens).

As for the rest of the Capps, Tybalt and his wife Beatrice (née Monty) threw a big birthday party for their younger child Amadeus, leaving his toddler years behind. He has brown hair like grandfather Antonio and a similar face like his grouchy father, whereas bigger sister Senta comes after her mother. The proud parents tried for another child (thank you ACR!) but no chimes. I'm not sure how I would feel about that, them having both family as a second, but no rolled wish for a third one. Hermia and her CAS-husband Lysander had other worries than saving money or throwing parties, since he was abducted and started this round in his third trimester. It was the first time ever I got alien twins! Two girls, Maia and Angelia. (Mother and a rather unknown daughter of the Greek god Hermes, because the character Hermia in the play was named after him, and the names from „a midsummer night‘s dream“ stay in the Summerdream family.)

Speaking of Hermia, she shared an akward moment with her ex Puck on his lot, when his wife Sharla (née Ottomas) was at work and his son Robin played inside: They kissed and I let them have it, I bet there are still some old feelings around and their spouses wouldn't mind, they are both very open-minded pixels with their jealousy turned off, plus Lysander has his focus on the newborns and Sharla on her career, being a fortune sim from head to toe. ^^
Titania and Oberon adopted another kid in my game, Woyzeck, who married Melody Tinker and took her name. Although they live in Bluewater village (like Hermia & Lysander, btw), I play the „old clans“ from VV always first before the rest of the uberhood. So, those two are saving money for a bigger house too, but being both family sims after college, they are very happy that she is pregnant since the last hours of their round.

The other adopted child of the old families (adopted by Isabella and Patrizio Monty), Juan, divorced his wife Zoe Zimmerman and moved away from Downtown to Strangetown. They were still friendly around each other, but he met a strange alien woman to whom he is way more attracted to than to his wife, and he wanted to end things before a baby is on the way or the affair was getting serious. He lives now broke in a small cottage in the dessert, but is happy in a relationship with Chloe, who still lives with Erin and Chrystal Vu. His ex-wife Zoe is fine too, she found a job in her dream career (law) and met a handsome student named William Williamson on a party of her old frat, so who knows how long she stays single?

Othello Capp's big sister and heiress of the MacBeth clan, Walburga (this cashier ), wouldn't fulfill my soap opera-ish plan to revive the clan with three children from three different fathers, since she got pregnant again from husband Mitch (née Indie), who wished for a baby so badly and won’t get abducted. Their son Banquo had his birthday and became a child. Meanwhile, Walburga was hitting on their butler when her family-oriented hubbie was not around, being a knowledge/romance-combo, so maybe child number three will have another father.

The kids from the „old families“ who are in college (all at ALT) had all a romantic time. The adopted son of Reagan and Cornwall Capp, Hamlet (renamed Tommy Ottomas), ended his third year in the old house of Roxie, Edwin and Jonah. He had his girlfriend Ophelia Nigmos over and things look good for those two, he rolled the wish to getting engaged to her after exams. His younger brother Opal finished his first year and fell in love with his roomie Klara Vonderstein, they hooked up a lot the semester before but now they are getting serious.
(And it is so cute watching them! It is one of those pairings where the chemistry is so high, they started to flirt on their own. I love it when they choose for themselfes, being it with ACR or rolling wants; it is the reason why for example Tybalt of all Capps married a Monty, and Pascal Curious is engaged to a Downtownie who stole is first kiss without my doing, but more from Strangetown when it’s their time. )

Back to topic: The oldest of Kent and Bianca Monty, Dalek, had a dream date with Martin Ruben, and I plan those two to ending up with each other, but they both have two years ahead (two rotations, but much can happen!)
So, first part of the rotation is over, next stop: Pleasantview! :D

PS: I'm sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language.
#3829 Old 7th Dec 2018 at 9:36 PM Last edited by Devon Aster : 7th Dec 2018 at 9:46 PM.
An addendum to my previous post, it seems I hadn't finished my Ottomas rotation as I thought. There were a few days left (I think they were on Thursday). Would anyone like to guess in what state I found Samantha? She has to be the most fertile and lucky (or unlucky) sim. She can't possibly be trying, because I've edited the Try For Baby tuning in ACR to have pretty heavy penalties for young children in the household. And I've had sims of similar age/reported fertility who had unprotected woohoo that went blithely on not getting pregnant. Since I tend to play for wants, I don't put a sim on birth control if they have an active want to have a baby. Both Samantha and Peter have been regularly rolling wants to have a baby and even have 10 kids. The ironic thing was that, of course, they both finally decided to roll wants to teach toddler skills. I had assigned Peter a Family secondary a while and it seemed to assert itself at the worst possible time. This left me having to choose between the teaching wants and the have baby wants. I eventually decided to lock the teaching wants. I believe it was Terri who got heavily favored, with both parents wanting to teach her to potty, talk, and walk. Samantha rolled one want to teach Cherri to walk while Peter rolled none about her. Dora Jr. has been completely overlooked by them. Sharla took it upon herself to potty train Dora (more for my convenience I admit) but she can't possibly play mother to her and all the other younger kids while keeping up with her schoolwork.

I had another decision to make as to whether to stick with the original number of expected babies or take a risk to end the baby train. If I had counted correctly, they stood at eight kids. They needed two more to prevent any more 10 kid wants and, potentially, the want for any more babies at all. But ACR kept reporting the expected number as 1. I could either wait to see if the Super Fertility trait would kick in at the last second for twins... or hit Random on the Trips & Quads dialogue. While I could choose specifically for twins, that felt a bit too cheaty. I had to take what was given When the time came, I chose to hit Random. Peter and Samantha were subsequently blessed with triplets: Paul, Mark, and Martha. They both immediately rolled wants for 20 grandchildren. Sorry for them, but that's not how it works! Their kids have to be the ones to want to have kids of their own. Now, hopefully, the two will be satisfied and not roll any more baby wants. The next big project will be making room for everyone!


After the chaos of the Ottomas household, it was nice to move on to Cyd Roseland. He and Porthos live in an old, kind of rundown trailer just down the street from the big brood. I usually find Cyd to be a nice though somewhat bland sim. In previous plays with him, I would stick in the Medicine career, as he would usually have a want to get a job in it. This time around, he decided to show his true colors. After spending most of his money on the trailer and pickup truck, he was left with a pitifully small amount of simoleons. His reaction to that was not to roll a want for a job, but to make quick cash through things like playing for tips, hustling pool, and... oh yeah... counterfeiting money. As his LIfetime Want is to be a Criminal Mastermind, I decided to roll with it. Unfortunately, he didn't have quite enough aspiration points to get a counterfeiting machine. However, he did inspire me to outfit one of my Main Street buildings as a shady bar. The downstairs has the bar counters and a tv, plus a guitar outside the front door for busking. The next floor up has two poker tables and a mahjong table. I tried to have a pool table up there so he could do the hustling, but there just wasn't enough room for sims to play effectively. The third floor remained walled off for the time being. As neither the busking (due to low skill) or the hustling (due to lack of space) worked, Cyd got a job as a bagman.

Things went pretty quietly for the first two weeks. Cyd seemed content to live on his own with Porthos. He made his way up to Bookie, which inspired me to return to The Green Stripe and finish up the third floor. It came to house what I deem to be Cyd's unofficial office (or perhaps just an office which the city criminals use). It has a counterfeiting machine, the lie-detector, the spy machine, and a desk with laptop. Since the lot is unowned, I can't lock the doors but most visitors don't go up there anyway. I did test out the counterfeiter to see if he would actually get the money and he did, though it was a small amount for the work put in. The way he laughs as he does it is fairly amusing, at least! At one point I bought him an easel, both to gain him a creativity point and to boost his Arts & Crafts hobby enthusiasm as it is his predestined one. The man decided to be entirely contrary after he gained the point, rolling a want for a robot station instead. So he bought one. He got promoted to Con Artist and started making toy robots, which he turned around and hawked to passersby on the sidewalk in front of his trailer. Not super lucrative, but it brought in some extra cash.

The third week was when things really started to get rolling. He made enough toys to move on to HydroBots and CleanBots. He also had enough benefit points to give him a secondary aspiration. I went with Fortune. With that, he turned more of his attention to gaining skills. He managed to sell off the one HyrdroBot and CleanBot he had made, though some glitch kept bumping the HydroBot up to a ridiculous amount ($920!). I had to take it off sale and put it back on before a more reasonable price stuck. Once he sold them off, however, he seemed to lose interest in keeping up with making them. So he focused on the skills he needed to get promoted, instead. Rather than skill at home, I sent him out. He took a slight detour to The Green Stripe for some relaxation and testing. He had a short game of poker, walking away with $170 in pure winnings before spending a little upstairs with the counterfeiter, the lie-detector, and the spy machine. He also finally showed a small spark of interest in another sim, that being Christian Love who... hoo boy that's a story for later. But it wasn't a strong attraction and Cyd soon left to visit The Red Brick Plaza.

His truck disappeared as he arrived and he climbed out of thin air. Thinking it was a visual glitch, I didn't worry too much about it. Instead, he tested out the hot dog cart for me, then settled in for a chess game with Peter Sims. He had both a friend want and logic skill want, this would kill two birds with one stone. Now that he had shown some attraction to someone, I clicked around to see if he showed any hints of attraction to other visitors. No luck there, no little bolts on the interactions. He got the skill point but failed to gain enough relationship points with Peter before the other left. A greet interaction queued up with the Unsavory Charlatan. Amused at the thought of a conman getting conned, I allowed it to go through. Poor Cyd didn't quite catch on to the game, giving the Charlatan an opportunity to dip his hands in Cyd's pocket. I decided to have some pity on him, though, giving him a chance to win it back via fisticuffs. Alas, Cyd didn't have the body skill necessary to beat the dashing crook. His only other option for revenge was to report the incident. It was in debating whether he should do so or not that I realized his truck vanishing earlier wasn't merely a visual glitch. There was no go home interaction on the public phone, only Report Foul Play. I did have him do the report, just to see if it would do anything but it simply made the phone unclickable. The Walk To Lot interaction was also gone from his menu. I suppose I could have tried to force error the public phone or seen if clicking on another community lot would work, but at that point I was a bit worried and chose to exit to neighborhood. I loaded Cyd's lot back up, finding both him and his truck safe and sound.

Wanting to test to be certain it wasn't a constant glitch with the plaza, I sent Cyd back there in the truck. This time it parked properly in the street. It seemed Fate had some plans for him. After downing another hot dog, he went back toward the chess tables where he met Ryan Wheeler. The two hit it off grandly, having a brief chess game before Ryan decided to do some Networking. He gave Cyd a 'sample product' which turned out to be the insanely expensive wall tv! I have the mod for networking gifts, so it's pretty rare now for anyone to get something that expensive! After some extremely light flirting (mostly Cyd giving Ryan a backrub), they became friends. Once Cyd had the needed logic skill, I decided to send him on home. Ryan seems pretty taken with Cyd as he showed up to visit the day. Though they spent some time together and had their first kiss, he left without either of them having gotten a crush. Still, perhaps they're simply the sorts to take it slow! By this time, Cyd's rotation was over, so he was off to bed.
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#3830 Old 7th Dec 2018 at 11:26 PM
I was starting pairing up my next generation of adults (getting married, choosing a new place) but I realised their parents have still quite few days each. Since it's a group of 8 SIms (3 couples and 2 widows), I decided to build a retirement home for all of them, so they can spend their last days with company meanwhile, I got rid of some of their money (among 14 household, the poorest were the Stings, with "only" 200k left, imagine the others) and atm I miss just the bedrooms... It would have been so much quicker downloading this lovely bijou...
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Beginning of Pleasantview – Round 14

The Oldies’ moved from their small 3-bedroom home, into a 3-story home on the hilltop of Pleasantview. Herb’s father, Myron work as a Hall of Famer paid off as he was able to save more than enough to move the family next to the Goths’. After settling in, Coral, who’s infertile, contacted SimCity’s adopted services. She wanted a child. And a child she got. A few days later a little toddler named Mary-Sue, joined the family. Coral and Myron intermediately warmed up to her.

After a hard pregnancy, Diane Pleasant gave birth to Daniel Pleasant. Daniel is a brown-haired version of his father Jeff. Diane is currently pregnant with her second child. I thought that Daniel’s birth would be the only thing exciting for this round, but the game threw me a curveball. Last round, I noted that Diane and Jeff's parents were on their way to Sim Heaven. A few days into this round, their age bars went backwards, so I thought “Nevermind, no one is dying.” WRONG! Marshall Danders, my favorite out of the elders in the family, died. I was so mad because the game lied to me.

Darren Dreamer and Darleen Matipin were born. They both were born with brown eyes, black hair and S4 tone. They look like siblings, but they’re super cute. Their parents and grandparents were driving me up the wall with constantly wanting to tend to them. I had put something in front the cribs to block anyone from interacting with them. I don’t understand why Sims are soo obsessed with babies. I can’t wait until they become children, so my nerves can be calmed.

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Originally Posted by monijt1
Beginning of Pleasantview – Round 14

The Oldies’ moved from their small 3-bedroom home, into a 3-story home on the hilltop of Pleasantview. Herb’s father, Myron work as a Hall of Famer paid off as he was able to save more than enough to move the family next to the Goths’. After settling in, Coral, who’s infertile, contacted SimCity’s adopted services. She wanted a child. And a child she got. A few days later a little toddler named Mary-Sue, joined the family. Coral and Myron intermediately warmed up to her.

After a hard pregnancy, Diane Pleasant gave birth to Daniel Pleasant. Daniel is a brown-haired version of his father Jeff. Diane is currently pregnant with her second child. I thought that Daniel’s birth would be the only thing exciting for this round, but the game threw me a curveball. Last round, I noted that Diane and Jeff's parents were on their way to Sim Heaven. A few days into this round, their age bars went backwards, so I thought “Nevermind, no one is dying.” WRONG! Marshall Danders, my favorite out of the elders in the family, died. I was so mad because the game lied to me.

Darren Dreamer and Darleen Matipin were born. They both were born with brown eyes, black hair and S4 tone. They look like siblings, but they’re super cute. Their parents and grandparents were driving me up the wall with constantly wanting to tend to them. I had put something in front the cribs to block anyone from interacting with them. I don’t understand why Sims are soo obsessed with babies. I can’t wait until they become children, so my nerves can be calmed.

There are mods to help with Babies and Toddlers.
These are from BoilingOil
BO - Curb All Auto Read-To.package
BO - Feed Baby - Main - special.package
BO - Feed Baby - Nursemaids H&F.package
BO - Less Feed Baby.package
BO - Less Toddler Annoyance.package
BO - No Lecture Baby.package

From Inge Jones:

From Squinge at InSimenator:

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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9th Dec 2018 at 11:29 PM
This message has been deleted by DrewInTheSky. Reason: Wrong topic, I'm so sorry! Thanks Bulbizarre for the hint :D
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Here you go: https://simfileshare.net/folder/48900/

EDIT: this post doesn't make much sense with the preceding one deleted. Drew was asking if there was a folder depth limit on SFS.

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The next person up the road from Cyd Roseland is David Ottomas, though I've mostly told his story in the huge lump with the rest of his family. I forgot to mention the one exciting thing that happened, though. He got burgled! Sometimes I teleport the burglar away, because they have a habit of showing up at the worst possible time for me as a player. Usually on the last night of the rotation, when I'm just waiting to hit 5 am and save. This time it went through and David lost his tv. Well, his landlord's tv. He rented the small studio cottage furnished. Still, the $200 insurance money wasn't enough to pay for a replacement. For the rest of his time, he went without. He did, however, trade the murphy bed for a foldout loveseat which gave him space to put in a table with chairs.


Up a street and further into town is the Gavigan family. Their home is an older ranch style house that had an extension put on to it (so I suppose it's no longer ranch style, heh). Much like Cyd, they've had a relatively quiet time. I was ready for some drama, should it happen, but things went smoothly. Nathan Gavigan and Trent Traveller almost always end up in the Adventurer career together and seem to have a fondness for bringing each other home. Anyone who has played the two families together probably knows of the three-bolt chemistry between Trent and Mary Gavigan. In spite of Mary's swooning every so often, she held firm and they haven't done anything questionable. Then again, she was pregnant and they were in the presence of both husband and son. Mary and Nathan decided to expand their family, having twins Thomas and Ruth. While they didn't roll any teaching wants, I don't see them as particularly neglectful, so they taught the twins whatever the toddlers themselves wanted. Isiah, in the meantime, brought many of the other hood kids home and made friends with them. Mary remained a stay-at-home mom while Nathan has been working his way up in his career.

They had a brief brush with the flu outbreak, as Trent was patient 0. Trent... who stubbornly refused to get healthy during his own rotation, in spite of my efforts, finally shook it off... but not before he got Isiah sick. Fortunately, since Mary is a Family sim, she cooked up a batch of comfort soup and no one got re-infected. The third week had both Isiah and the twins aging up. Isiah took on the Popularity aspiration. When he next brought Sharla Ottomas home from school, they were both teens and quickly found they quite liked each other. They had their first kiss, swiftly going through crush and love as they flirted during the evening. When he later had a want for a party, he invited Sharla, plus Tina Traveller, and Gabriella, Garret, and Georgia Newson. The latter three were still kids, so he did some introductions between them and his younger siblings. Gabriella, who was also a teen now, snagged a first kiss from him. Since no one is Family or committed, he dodged any possible complications! Thomas, who is super outgoing, kept trying to engage the other kids in things they weren't ready to accept. I had to slow him down with some directions to joke and talk, instead. His sister Ruth, on the other hand, did not like being directed to entertain the guests. Yet she's the one harboring a friend want and not Thomas! Also, I have never seen a kid react negatively to snow until her. It was kind of funny to see her stomp her foot! She was much happier after the party, when I had her clean the bathroom. That was about it for them.
#3835 Old 10th Dec 2018 at 10:03 PM
I haven't played TS2 in years but I just spent a 3 day weekend doing nothing but reliving the ol' TS2 glory days. I never played the Burb family as a child so I made sure to move them into Pleasantview and they were my second to last family before the new rotation. Jennifer wanted to have 5 top-level businesses so I decided to start a home bakery with her. I never had OFB as a kid either so I thought it would be a fun new experience. Got her a thinking cap and had her study cooking, set up the business downstairs, sent her to make crepes for the first time, and she burst into flames. John was at work and Lucy at school so, yeah. She died. My fun business plan was short lived. I was already having a hard time deciding who to pair up but now that John is a widower family sim, my decision got a little harder.

Due to utter lack of TS3-friendly servers, I have recently created a Sims 3 discord server! It's brand new so if you'd like to chat here's the link!
#3836 Old 11th Dec 2018 at 11:36 PM
A burglar just broke into one of the residents' houses in Wonderland. After the cop whooped her ass (it was basically a girl fight), the burglar after losing the fight turned to wave goodbye to the lady resident before shortly being cuffed.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
#3837 Old Yesterday at 12:41 AM
Well I just added the Ottomas family to my Beginning of Neighbourhood.

Not the original one, but a remake of them with Peter and Samantha as newlyweds and Peter's father, whom I've named Conrad (because I couldn't think of a different name) still being alive. I also gave them altered facial features from the preset selection I downloaded ages ago, because that was easier than extracting them. And because the orignal facial features have the tendency to produce goblin children (I don't mind non-conventionally attractive Sims, I do mind when they look like the cartoonishly "ugly" characters in old Archie comics)
Smantha is just pregnant with David. So he'll be slightly older than Beau Broke. Come to think about it, Beau and Sharla Ottomas might make a cute couple...

Also on that topic, Lucy Burb grew into a child and yeop, she inherited the gigantic nose John has in my neighbourhood, but it looks considerably smaller on a female sim. which is kind of a pity. Let's see what happens with John and Jennifer's second child that will be born next rotation.
Also, Don's younger sister, Esmeralda is an adult by now. Due to Don being an over-protective older brother (due to the way he treated his various "girlfriends") Esmeralda went through her whole teenagerhood without even having kissed a guy(or a girl). However, now she's all-grown up and living far away from her brother. And who was the first guy she fell for? Landon Wolff, who's just as much of a casanova wannabe as Don is Didn't even plan that, but he was in the welcoming wagon and she had three bolts with him, so...
THough it should be noted that Esmeralda is not a Romance sim, she's got the Fortune Aspiration. She's a working girl who's wants to make her mark on the business world. I don't think her relationship with Landon will last, rather, since Kaylynn Langerak is already married and has three sons in this neighbourhood, I'll have her be the woman with whom Daniel Pleasant cheats on Mary-Sue.

I've also had three alien abductions since the neighbourhood started, and each time it was a Sim who can't be impregnated by Aliens; the first was teenage Mortimer Goth, the other two were adult or elder women (Joy Oldie and Beatrice Buckingham) which is alright, since I wanted Aliens babies to be a new thing once the Game roughly approaches the Sims 2 era with the Pleasantview families. So in my storyline the Aliens are just trying to find the ideal hosts for their babies. The first one was too young (Mortimer) the second one to old (Beatrice) and the third one was the wrong sex for their needs (Joy Oldie) Let's see how long it will take until they catch one that they need an adult male .

I also wonder whether I should look for "futuristic" clothing and furniture to introduce in a few generations....
And I also introduced the secret Cowplant Cult yet either...

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I haven't played in months. I was playing a rotating Pleasantview but have lost interest in it. I am thinking of starting a new megahood, at least with the Hoods that came with Super Collection. I had received the entire game from EA, but unfortunately my PC broke so I'm stuck with playing on my Mac for now.
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Oof, I'm beginning to forget some of the things that have happened previously but I think (hope!) I've held on to the more interesting points. Not too far away from the Gavigans is the Picaso family. Matthew and Jessica live in military housing develop, where the homes are all cozy and stand straight like good little soldiers in a line. The places really aren't meant for expanding nor do they have much of a yard. But when you're young and your employer offers you a house on the cheap, you take what you can get. It does include the necessities, including two bedrooms big enough for a double bed each. This gave them enough room for at least one child. Two, if they didn't mind a little squeeze. Since I headcanon Jessica being infertile, she and Matthew soon decided to adopt. With no townies at the time to play DNA donors for a baby, they got a toddler instead. A little cutie by the name of Rod was brought to them the next day. With his blonde hair and light skin, one could just about mistake him for biological child of the two. There's just the fact that he has alien eyes. Considering how I tend to think of the relationship between the sim military and the aliens, that has some interesting implications.

Jessica and Matthew didn't care. They were over the moon about their new son! They were quick to roll wants for the teaching of toddler skills. They did still need to work, so a nanny was hired on to take care of him during while they were gone. He was a happy little lad, who almost made friends with the old woman who watched him and racked up a few skillpoints as his parents worked. Soon, though, Matthew and Jessica decided they got so much joy from Rod that they wanted another. And he wasn't even a child yet! I knew that a second child would make things a bit cramped, but it would also be the last child they would have, unless they could get enough money together to move out of the development. So Emengarda (Emma, for short) joined the family. She has light brown hair and light blue eyes and adorable chubby cheeks. Once again, Jessica and Matthew rolled teaching wants, even for the nursery rhyme! It was just a matter of deciding who would teach what. The two siblings got along swimmingly, so that once Rod aged up to child, he liked to interact and play with his little sister. Emma made friends with the nanny, as well. The house was somewhat cramped with the toddler stuff all strewn around, but by the end of the third week Emma aged up as well. And though the yard is quite small, the family has managed to put in wooden monkey bars and a sandbox.

Aside from the family stuff, Matthew got a promotion, though neither seem particularly fussed about rising in the ranks. They've met and made friends with others in hood, partly because of the Ramaswami parties. I don't believe anyone caught the flu, so that was good. They got a family vehicle near the end of their last turn, which they park in the alley behind the house.


The next in line is Julien Cooke, who lives on Main Street above his shop. From the start, he was going to have his own little business, though without the money to buy a separate place for both home and shop he had to settle for them being one and the same. It has been pretty rough. The building he bought was unfinished. The second floor didn't even have a floor! He poured what savings he had and his small wage from work into getting the place into some sort of usable space. For most of the first week, his stuff was scattered around the open first floor. Once he had enough to put flooring in upstairs, up went all the things to there and he worked on putting in a kitchen and bath on the first floor. Once he had things divided out there, he put in a couple of counters, a register, and a couple of display cases. He soon opened a rather small deli. He did his best to keep up with work and cooking things to sell. Unfortunately, it was quite slow, though several of the other sims did stop by to pick up some quick meals.

Julien eventually had to make a hard decision. The deli, as currently set up, just wasn't going very well. He could barely make enough stock to keep things running, which meant he wasn't making very much money. He just didn't have time. Several ideas flit through his head on what he could do. Boutique cafe? Quit his job and just go full time hoping he could stay afloat? Finally, an answer was presented to him. The city commerce council handed him a grant of $5,000 for renovations and stocking purposes, as part of their incentive to keep local businesses thriving. Julien decided to quit being the cook and stock food that could be sold quickly. Not that he intended to go for cheap, nasty things. Oh no. He was going quality. Artisan breads, well laid out deli trays, bakery goods, and a dash of ethnic food. Things ended up going so well, he had to hire a teen to handle the restocking! Some earlier decisions regarding business perks meant he couldn't start off with nice wholesale discounts, though he's now investing in them whenever he can. His profit margin is still incredibly thin (even more so with an employee) but he's able to continue working his day job without so much stress. Some day, he hopes to go back to cooking himself. But, for now, he's going to focus on building up a good business reputation. And maybe he'll get back in contact with that darling Camryn Lee.
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I've been playing Sims2 since the game first came out. Let me briing the reader up to date with where I'm at...
I started getting really serious about downloading cc for my game in 2014. Thanks to modthesims for that. Then my laptop crashed and never recovered. I had to start all over again. 4gb of Sims2 cc gone ! Not everything was on backup disks. Always backup the game. How many times have I read those words on this site ? Hmm...probably 50 times or more. Always back up the stuff in your game.
In Oct 2017, I hunted down all the Sims2 game packs and stuff packs so had a complete collection of the disks. (That also meant getting a better tower since mine dated back to the 2004 and wouldn't handle more than the base game. If you're wondering... Why not upgrade the tower ? I tried that...impossible limitations. Just could not be done.
By Dec 2017, my mission was complete ! After days and days of loading in tons of stuff, a few months later I had to pack up and move to a new home. Now, a year later.. Back on track with my game.

I just hate it when real life interrupts the game. Don't you ?
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Mod The Sims link Game Help:Back Ups
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A lot has been happening in my Veronaville!

Antonio Monty moved into an apartment (from the sim bin), unknowingly becoming neighbors with Regan and Cornwall Capp. He was saving up to buy a house, trying to raise his kids, and now was fighting with his neighbors. He lost his job in the culinary career due to a bad chance card. He and the twins (now teens) moved out of their apartment and into the Monty Ranch, sans Mercutio who had moved to college. After a few days Patrizio had passed away, and Isabella lived just long enough to see her beloved pet malamute Abbey give birth to two half-wolf puppies, a boy and a girl, who were given to Beatrice and Benedick. She passed on the Ranch and the Monty Family Restaurant to Antonio as part of his inheritance. Romeo moved to college.

At the Capps', Tybalt had left for college and Juliet was due to go as well. Left alone in the house were Hermia and Consort, whose own days were numbered. Knowing this, he worked hard to fulfill his lifetime wish of becoming a business tycoon, then at the end of winter they decided to throw a New Year's party and Capp family reunion. Everyone showed up except Kent, who had run away and married Bianca Monty, becoming Kent Monty and having a son named Paris Monty. Unwilling to leave Hermia alone, and Capp Manor without an heiress, Consort had Goneril and her sizeable brood move in (to his slight chagrin). He hasn't passed away yet, but has about 3 days left. After the party, Hermia moved to college. Hal Capp aged up into a teen and Ariel into a child, and Goneril and Albany had their 5th child, Philip Capp. Regan and Cornwall had their first and only child, Cornelia Capp, and Cornwall aged into an elder after she aged into a teen.

The Summerdreams had gotten married and Blossom (formerly known as Bottom) had aged up into a teen. Oberon and Titania had their first biological daughter, Hippolyta. Puck had gone steady with Hermia at one of their parties, and Mercutio's crush on her remained a secret to them. He is still in love with her, but no longer has the crush status. Puck moved to college.

Tybalt and Mercutio, now juniors in Academie Le Tour, were joined by their siblings and Puck. Mercutio still argues occasionally with Juliet, but still holds a torch for Hermia. She and Puck have difficulty finding time for each other in college, and she feels a little neglected (she keeps rolling wants to be flirted with, etc., but not by Puck in particular). Romeo and Tybalt often annoy each other, but he and Juliet love each other. She wants to get engaged to him, but he is in no hurry, especially in college where there are so many opportunities for him to /expand his horizons/. So far, he's only looked at other girls but ultimately is faithful to Juliet. Hermia, as well, is still feeling something for Mercutio, rekindled by moving into the same dorm, and rolling fears of falling out of love with him, and wants to talk to him. Tybalt, having grown closer to Mercutio due to the many parties they often hold in their dorm, and being classmates (both major in Political Science), is annoyed by the affection he's showing his sister. But the pink heart next to Mercutio's name shows that it isn't just protective brotherly instinct...

Back in Veronaville, Blossom met Beatrice and Benedick Monty, and Hal Capp at one of the Summerdream parties. She is becoming friends with Bea, and has 2 bolts with Benedick and 3 with Hal (!!), but more often speaks to and autonomously flirts with Benedick. She introduced Beatrice to Hal and they are hitting it off famously. Blossom had her first kiss with Benedick and is thinking of going steady with him.

Welp, sorry for the novel, but I'm quite excited with where my Veronaville characters are going.
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I’ve been still following this post- and I’m glad everyone is still playing and sharing!

I recently had an epiphany about when I first started playing TS2 over ten years ago and how the longest legacy I had was with Johnny and Ophelia Smith. I went generations and generations with them. They’re my favorite couple. So, I cloned them and plopped them down into a new hood called Cactus Valley. I plan to play them like a prosperity challenge, I’ll just populate the whole hood with their descendents. Ophelia wants six kids. They currently have 4. Noah, Lucy and the twins, Ruby and Zane. Johnny has been working on reaching the top of Journalism, while O has been watching the kids while still trying to maintain her job as a teacher. I tried sharing pictures, but of course imgur is having uploading issues the ONE time I try to upload.. ugh. I’ll share some pix tomorrow if it’s fixed by then!
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