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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 7:38 PM
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#2776 Old 12th Jan 2018 at 4:43 PM
Originally Posted by joandsarah77
The Walsh family just had their third baby and I am so excited now because the first child had brown hair, second child had blond hair and this third child has red hair!

Ha! Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry (Neapolitan ice cream sundae) children!
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#2777 Old 13th Jan 2018 at 1:45 AM
My most recent Pleasantview is super corrupted and glitchy. I thought it wasn't that bad, but while I was playing today, Nina's daughter just disappeared. While checking her memories, a lot of them were messed up. So that hood is done. I have Super Collection so I could just reset the neighborhood but I'm worried something in my downloads folder caused the problem. I wanted to delete some CC and redo my downloads anyways.

Possibly making a Custom Hood with Pleasantview, Veronaville, Strangetown and Bluewater Village. I barely play Strangetown anymore, which was always my favorite hood growing up so could end up just playing Strangetown standalone.
#2778 Old 13th Jan 2018 at 11:52 AM
well all pre-made hoods have corruption so i'd replace them with tarlia's clean hoods to prevent disappearing sims again.

I may be life dumb but i'm sim smart. my group for the pre-mades group http://modthesims.info/forumdisplay...546&groupid=919
hi! i LOVE sims!
my 3 blogs first is ts2 then ts3 then ts4 https://6kittyhats.blogspot.co.uk/ https://66susanhats.blogspot.co.uk/ https://66kittyhats.blogspot.co.uk/
#2779 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 4:53 AM
After all the unexpected violence in Greater Pleasantview, it was a relief to get to Belladonna Cove and see my college students pairing off.

Francis Worthington and Klara Vonderstein met when I moved all the non-Greek premades into a single dormitory, and had built up a very strong relationship, so the two of them moved back into the house Francis was originally renting. Both made the Dean's list, so were able to pay their next semester's tuition without resorting to loans.

I had been intending Sophia Baldwin to marry Isaiah Gavigan, but Isaiah showed no interest in going to university when he finished school, so for the time being he's staying home and working full time. Meanwhile, Sophia got talking to Justin Cleveland, he flirted with her, and...well, sorry Isaiah, but you missed your chance there! Justin and Sophia both scraped though the second semester of their sophomore year, but weren't really interested enough to justify running up any more student loans, so they dropped out and moved back to the Clevelands' farm. Jason is one day away from retirement, so having the young couple earning while he and Marissa work on the farm means they'll be able to keep on top of the mortgage payments and maybe even pay off some of the capital. Despite having a crush on one another, Justin and Sophia aren't even best friends yet, so it'll be a while before they need to worry about building another room for the next generation.
#2780 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 9:25 AM
The trailer park challenge that is starting my new town is going fairly well, but I think their truck is cursed. Everytime but one that my sims woohoo in it, my founder has been caught by risky woohoo and got pregnant a couple of days earlier than I'd wanted her to or when I no longer wanted them to have more kids. Twice those unplanned pregnancies ended up resulting in triplets (4% chance of triplets) while there was already an infant in the house. Fortunately, the founder's spouse brought in $12 000, so their trailer is a double-wide, and their first yard sale was successful enough to buy some decent beds.

My founder, Christina Marsh, is a nature loving knowledge sim who chose to buy land in the middle of nowhere with limited utilities and few neighbours. There had once been a settlement in the area, based on fishing and some limited farming, but with the collapse of the fishery and the mediocre soil, most people have moved away. There are a few visitors to a nearby lake during the summer; that's where Christina met Benjamin Long. Christina and Benjamin have a lot in common, and he loved the idea of living on their own land far from civilization. Benjamin moved in, bringing his truck, an old wreck of a car, and funding the expansion of Christina's trailer. He commutes a long way into town several times a week to work at a fast food restaurant's drive through. Before they had kids, Christina spent her time fishing and gardening; there aren't any nearby grocery stores, and their fridge started off empty. Benjamin also loves to fish, and they also spent some time digging for treasure. Poking through the ruins of the old settlement have led to a few nice finds, and they cleaned those off and had a yard sale along side the road through the area.

Christina and Benjamin make fairly good parents, rolling wants to teach skills, talk to their kids, and they help with homework. Their first child was born just before their first yard sale. We chose to go with themed names, with boys getting named for water features, and girls for gem stones. The eldest child is River, and he is extremely neat. Now that he's an uncontrolled teen, his neatness is a huge help around the house. Unfortunately, he's a fortune sim and he keeps rolling wants that I can't help him to fill so he's getting near aspiration failure. River has brought Melody Tinker home twice and currently has a crush on her - the Tinkers will be added into my town's rotation. Jade was born a day or two before River became a child, and when she was a toddler, he rolled lots of wants to play with her; they are very close. Jade loves the small fishing pond beside the family trailer, and she spends lots of time there when it's not iced over. She's just become a teen, but I think her mood will be easier to keep up due to hobby wants - having a parent talk to her about nature or invite her on a hike or to join them in fishing should fill some want of hers. The first set of triplets were born just after Jade became a toddler - Opal, Pearl, and Ruby. Ruby and Pearl are fairly serious and both love sports, so they get through their homework fairly quickly and then play catch together. More playful than them, Opal hates school, does her homework painfully slowly, and just wants to dance or play piano (an early date gift from Benjamin to Christina). Ocean was born just after Jade became a child and the triplets toddlers - pregnancy number four, and I was hoping the family was done with kids. Ocean is a very playful slob, and his messes are beginning to upset River. Fortunately, Ocean loves the outdoors, and is happy to fish or help in the garden between getting home from school and doing his homework. One of his parents has to help him with the homework, though, or it would never get done. After Ocean was born, there was a gap before the next pregnancy. Thinking they were done having kids, Christina bought two large dogs for the family - Lady is a rough collie and Lord is a border collie. Just as the dogs were getting well trained, Christina became pregnant again. Sapphire was born just after Ocean became a child, and she is still a toddler. The second set of triplets were born just after Sapphire aged to toddler. Agate, Beryl, and Diamond aged to toddler on the day of the third yard sale. The yard sale took a lot of Christina and Benjamin's attention, so the needs of the two teens and four toddlers are all low, but the children are doing well. Unfortunately, the house again has a bed shortage and even with the yard sale there isn't much extra money right now. They have to choose between plumbing for the second bathroom and getting another bed.

I'm not sure how I'll fit the Tinkers into my town. I had been hoping to add them later, once the town had grown a bit. A mostly abandoned town in the middle of nowhere is an unlikely spot for a successful toy store. My plan is for the town's residents to turn the region into a tourist area with beaches and parks, then add gift shops, artisans, and more recreation options, and also have some science-related industry in the town. I had thought to add the Tinkers after a school was built and a public beach opened, but I guess they'll be one of the families interested in starting to revitalize the town instead. Unless they start a school, they will be homeschooling and I suppose they could be selling their toys online for a bit until it makes sense to open a business. All of them are fairly shy, and I don't see either of the adult Tinkers being interested in taking a leadership role in the town's rebuilding though I see them interested in helping with it. Unless other Bluewater sims are befriended, my town is going to be waiting for one of the Marsh kids to move off the trailer park lot and create a town council (I use a sim in politics to collect taxes to fund building civic improvements).
#2781 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 5:45 AM
I started off with the older Goth household and when I entered the house Gretle immediately had the want to retire. I had her call work to retire and filled the want. Victor was already permaplat from filling his LTW and now his LTA is maxed out and platinum. I have a slower LTA gain mod so it took from the time he was an adult to middle of elderhood (his age bar is in the middle) to max out his LTA meter. The fact that Victor and Gretle are still alive and their age bars are in the middle (I think its still going to be some time before they die of old age), is making the house full. There is Victor, Gretle, Frida, Caelum, Aaron, Heidi and Issac (7 Sims). Frida reached the top of the career and filled her LTW. Aaron became a child, and Heidi and Issac became toddlers. I turned on ACR birth control because of the number of Sims in the household. (I don't have a larger household mod, and I don't like large families.) Gretle kept having wants to have a grandchild (not going to happen in this household), and play with Mortimer (he's currently a baby in another household.) She was driving me crazy with wants I couldn't fill.

Prudence and Simon are also elders and their age bars are in the middle. Prudence reached the top of the criminal career and reached her second LTW. I forgot to have Simon take care of the plants, and the plants died (oops). Agnes and Erik ACR woohooed and I head desked when I heard baby chimes. There are 7 Sims in the house: Prudence, Simon, Agnes, Eric, Alice, Cordelia and Carina. The twins were toddlers and Carina was a baby. The twins became children and Carina became a toddler and Agnes gave birth to a baby girl named Danielle. I turned on ACR birth control. Once it was raining while Simon was paying bills and he was hit by lightning. Erik was the one who kept rolling the want to get hit by lightning, but he never did. Simon didn't have the want, but he was the one that got hit. He immediately ran inside and used the toilet and took a shower before he had to go to work.

I next played the Caliente house. Tiento grew up to Teen and had a want to get the alien abduction scholarship. I had him stargaze, and he did get abducted. He just turned teen and already has the A+ Scholarship, Creativity Skill Scholarship, Tsang Footwork Scholarship and Extraterrestrial Reparations (Alien Abduction Scholarship). The grow up townie mod mentioned to me in a different thread didn't work to age Tessa Ramirez, so I went to her house and used the Sim Blender to age her up and had her call college to get her A + scholarship. I saved the household and went back to the Caliente House. Out of Curiosity I had Tiento ask Tessa on a date. They have two bolt chemistry and got their first kiss. They had a dream date and Tiento asked Tessa to go Steady. She agreed, and they are now in love and going steady.

Dulcinea got a Silver Gardening badge taking care of the plants.

I next played the Al Mahmoud household to get Nighat to college. Nighat got the Logic Skill Scholarship before I sent her to college. Tariq reached the top of the Medical career and reached his LTW and is now permaplat.

I moved Nighat into Flamenco's dorm. She was too busy playing bass guitar to go to class and missed class. Flamenco did go to class. I hope I'm not going to have trouble getting her to class every single time.
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#2782 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 6:56 AM
Dina Goth, long divorced from Mortimer, has a very sincere want to not be alone and unmarried. (or rather, never married,which of course is silly-she's had 2 chances so far..) She's beginning to wonder if she shouldn't get Tom Borgia to marry her-and the odd thought of having another child (at her advanced age-38!) is beginning to really be bothersome.

Brandi Broke and her partner Karen Gast have returned to college. It's a useful way to spend one's retirement, especially since your youngest child is still in college and you have to stay in the house until he graduates because he's just too lazy to keep the house neat.

The Bellefleur Hospital is now open for patients. John Burb is on the staff and fills in on his days off. This past weekend he did 2 dental procedures and 1 major surgery. All of the patients survived. He's amazed at his good luck.

Alex Goth is nearly done with college, and when he does graduate, he intends to move out and finally marry Lucy Burb. His parents have decided to give him a graduation present of enough money to buy a house with. He won't be sticking around very long with Jenny (whom he lives with) because he believes that a complete break will be best for the both of them. He doesn't want to hurt her feelings too much, but it's time to move on. 10 years is long enough to figure out that they weren't meant to be together.

Alon Livingston is still emotionally involved with his ex-girlfriend Diana, who dumped him in favor of Armand Borgia, but Antoinette Heywood would like the chance to change his mind. He tried to call Diana to get her to come over but she refused outright: "On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a -2." Rude of her, still.

The judge is trying his best to cope with 5 YA's in one household. He retreats to the sofa and reads all day while they go around making messes, noise and going to classes. Sometimes they even study for them..

Dirk Dreamer went to the Campaign Headquarters to visit his mentor, Mary Sue Pleasant, who gave him the run of the place to practice his speech-making abilities and to meet his future staff.

Just another normal weekend in Bellefleur.

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#2783 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 9:34 AM
A while ago someone posted a thread about "What's in your Broadcast folder". There was nothing, but it gave me the inspiration to give it a try. The result is silly, but still a working proof of concept, the biggest problem is probably the audio being too loud. Still, I'm satisfied of it and I may do more of it in the future.

Slowly moving steps into basic TS2 modding.
I will occasionally post my stuff at spicyplumbobs.wordpress.com, hopefully it's good.
#2784 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 7:32 PM
I got distracted by Mark's Old Town. I never played Sims 1. (Is there a wiki somewhere so I can find out what kinds of dogs and cats the sims have, that say in their bios they should have pets?) We've got a cold here, so I wanted something that didn't require much fiddly attention to custom content (aka not medieval Emerald Heights).

Mark, your sims have the prettiest kids. I've played the Hatfields and the Jones (A couple Hatfield kids befriended Bobby, so his house was next on the list). The Hatfields are up to eleven kids and I think (hope) they are done. On the last day I played them (Billy due to leave for college) they won the lottery (got a genie lamp) and finally finished the upstairs they've slowly been adding on. The Jones added twin girls, and Edward is one promotion away from topping Business.

All eight Hatfield and two Jones born-in-game kids are worthy of being used by a prettacy. I especially didn't expect that from the Hatfields, the parents don't look like they should combine that well.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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#2785 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 7:52 PM
Originally Posted by Sunbee
I got distracted by Mark's Old Town. I never played Sims 1. (Is there a wiki somewhere so I can find out what kinds of dogs and cats the sims have, that say in their bios they should have pets?) We've got a cold here, so I wanted something that didn't require much fiddly attention to custom content (aka not medieval Emerald Heights).

http://sims.wikia.com/ is what I used. TS1 uses a different personality system for the pets.

I'm secretly a Bulbasaur.

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#2786 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 11:08 PM
I just rename strays and whatnot for the Old Town pets. And yes I've been playing it too. Cyd Roseland and...The oldest Ottomas daughter are expecting a baby.
#2787 Old Yesterday at 4:35 AM
That fool has ruined everything, was the thought Florence Delarosa was preoccupied with as she steeled herself for the shop's first customer of the day. It was taking far too long for her taste for someone to push open the door, and she busied herself with taking Rufus to the potty and teaching him to walk while she waited. To her relief, Ripp Grunt and Angela Pleasant were the first customers to eventually approach the shop, and they acted like they didn't know about Gilbert's imprisonment. Rufus being cute as he practiced toddling around the shop might have helped.

The luck couldn't last. Late afternoon, just as Florence was starting to get a bit tired and peckish, the human she wanted least to see entered her shop: Betty Goldstein McGreggor. On the floor with Rufus while a few townies browsed, Florence didn't realize who the long blue skirt belonged to until Betty spoke.

"I hope he dosn't take after his father," Betty said. Florence was so startled she nearly fell as she scrambled to her feet.

"I have little regard for your hopes." Florence tried to snarl the words, wanting this woman gone. She'd have gone for Betty's throat if the shop wasn't crowded. "I have customers to attend to!" Off she swept to the cash register, where Joe Carr had just stepped up to pay for his potted plant.

Betty didn't leave. Seeing her heading toward the counter as Joe stepped away, Florence decided it was time for a show of decisive action. Intending to get Isabellla, she called the Monty Ranch. She actually got Benedick, which was highly unsatisfactory, but at least she got to announce that she had several wreaths on hold specifically for any Monty needs, and would be glad to rush any special orders they had. Sounding grumpy -- and who could blame him? -- Benedick thanked her and told her that he'd pass on the message to his father. She wouldn't mind a visit later in the evening, would she?

"The Monty family is always welcome in my home and business," Florence said, and hung up the phone. The receiver firmly in its cradle, she addressed Betty: "You are not, Rabbi Goldstein. Get out. I don't want to hear anything you have to say, and I can ensure I don't have to."

After Betty left, Florence dealt with the next problem -- her hunger. Checo Raimirez sounded bewildered and lost on the phone, and agreed that the advice of an experienced florist was exactly what he needed in his time of tragedy. Florence had closed the shop and checked out the townies by the time he arrived, and while ducking outside into the golden light of evening to greet him made her even more famished, it was worth it. Into her sitting room she invited him, where she feasted from his veins and deposited him on the sofa. A bottle for Rufus, and she was in her coffin for a much-needed rest, letting her semi-conscious guest sort his own self out.

Later in the night, Florence arose and called Antonio Monty to tell him that this would be a good time to come over. Feeling it impolite to not offer some refreshment, she also invited Ripp Grunt over. He agreed, and asked if he could bring someone who wanted to meet her; she thought it would be added refreshment.

It was actually Tybalt Capp who arrived at the door with Ripp shortly after Florence had greeted Antonio. The werewolf growled at her and scrambled past Ripp and into the shop. Unable to deny a morbid interest in what would come of her two non-human guests meeting, Florence followed Tybalt into the sitting room.

"Are you interested in providing Florence with more funeral business, or should I call the police?" Antonio's tone was polite, but his right hand was under his jacket.

Tybalt grinned toothily. "She's got enough business to sell out all her wreaths. That nephew of yours I didn't kill topped himself over my disobedient wretch of a sister. Last I saw, my other sister tried to kill him and got Paris Prince instead." Tybalt had reached the stereo and turned it on. "Our solemn hymns to sullen dirges change, and which of us will Florence ply her skills for? Come, shall we dance."

Florance glanced at Ripp, and was annoyed to see the human looking amused from near the door. As Tybalt attempted to shimmy up to her and Antonio danced stifffly in the kitchen part of the room, she could tell she was being courted...but not romantically, oh no. Nothing like that. She was useful, had skills and power, and she was in a vulnerable situation. She was being courted as a prospective underling. Not just for flowers, she was sure. The shop was going to wind up a front business, most likely...

"Show your own skills better," she said, and turned off the stereo. "Prevent me from suffering any more embarrassment due to my husband's proclivities. Try not to kill him, if you can help it. Then I'll talk with you. Until then, don't think of spilling blood on my carpet."

((I am shocked that those two didn't show any aggression when they wound up together!))


First order of the day for the Tinker family was to get a stable home in hopes of retrieving Leon from the orphanage. Second was actually setting up a real toyshop -- not a glorified shed -- because life was short and they both knew it now! Because of this, they moved into a small and bland apartment in a building newly constructed near, but not that near, the beach. (I put apartments in Bluewater just for them, because I couldn't see them living anywhere else!) Wanda took Annabell upstairs, but then proceeded to nurse the baby on the second-floor walkway in front of the landlady, then leave her there when new neighbours arrived and looked interesting. Then she had to go look around the apartment, and gossip with Stephen, and then Stephen bought Inner Child Toys and Gifts and was heading off to check out the shop, so she decided to take a nap. Annabell was entirely forgotten on the walkway, even thought Stephen had to walk right by her!

At the toy shop, Stephen blew the remaining funds on cheap toys to fill the shelves, quite a few of which he sold to Dina Caliente. It looks like she's actually warmed to Katrina enough to get the girl a spinning top and several toy horses. He went home tired and smelly, took a shower, and fell asleep in his dinner.

Wanda woke up as Stephen realized why he was dreaming of food and sheepishly finished eating. She wanted a pet, and adopted Ruby the puppy. The puppy at least got brought in the apartment; Annabell got noticed when Stephen went to get Ruby, but she was smelly and asleep at that point, so he didn't bother picking her up! Wanda ate and called Melody to try to convince her to give a good report to the orphanage; Melody was sceptical and wanted to see what her parents were doing with their newest spawn first. She was not impressed, and told Wanda that she understood why they her parents always had broken children. Wanda told her not to speak that way about her brother and sister; Melody caught that there was no denial that she, Melody, was broken. Someone else might have been offended...Melody was glad her mother was at least able to see that. She also had no intention of helping them reacquire a child while they were neglecting the one they had with them, and told them so.

Things I tweaked for my own game, in case anyone else can use them:
Maxis blue police uniform with black mourning band on badge. (Thank you Fanseelamb for the base DR!)
Invisible shrouded corpse! Only a recolour; requires the Death Shroud from the Price of Victory set by Hriveresse at PBK!
#2788 Old Yesterday at 5:01 AM
After I started my current Beginning of Pleasantview neihgbourhood I decided to add 10 days to the Adult stage via Inge's adjustable age mod, just to give my Sims the chance to have multiple kids before growing into Elders.

There are however still a few kinks I need to iron out. The first generation of the families didn't get their full 39 days, instead it was rather random with them usually receiving 30-36 days. With the new generations however it does work perfectly...however I still play them as if they only had 29 days...so I'm gonna have a bunch of adults with parents that themselves have 10+ days left in their adult stage.
Now it's not completely unreasonable or unrealistic imho, but I'll need to start to remind myself that my adult Sim women can now enjoy life for a bit and don't need to get pregnant on day 1

In the hood itself meanwhile the saga of Herb Oldie, the loneliest romance teen in Pleasantview continues. Only 4 days left to adulthood, and he has yet to have his first date/kiss. His future wife (as dictated by the Pleasantview timeline) Coral is still in love with Michael Bachelor, and they're even going steady.
The Buckinghams are living far beyond their means and are borrowing a lot of money from Malcolm Landgraab....that's gonna end badly.
And Jeff Pleasant and Diane Danders just got engaged.

I'm pretty sure I messed up a lot of the relative ages as presented in the basegame version of Pleasantview and have the suspicion that Darren and Dirk Dreamer will be older than they should be, while Mary-Sue, Daniel, Angela, Lilith, the Burbs and Dustin will be younger. Which actually fits with my preferred pairings of Dirk/Dina and Lilith/Alexander, so...it's actually working out, I guess :-)
#2789 Old Yesterday at 9:36 AM
There's a new person who has found her way into Pleasantview: Virginia Welch! haha the name is a concoction of one of the Waterside Sims, who was named Virginia, and Welch comes from a box of drink packets which I had sitting on my desk at the time. She's a clone of Dina Caliente and she's the "party girl" of PV, so to speak.

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