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Guidelines/Rubrics Changes - posted on 16th Jun 2017 at 7:09 PM
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Test Subject
Original Poster
#1 Old 25th Sep 2015 at 10:34 AM Last edited by PrincessZeda : 1st Oct 2015 at 3:06 AM.
Default Solitary: Elimination Challenge

CHALLENGE CREATED/WRITTEN BY: Syrah (aka. Princess Butt Kick, Princess Zeda, moocow5799)

AUTHORíS NOTE: I am working towards uploading an interactive Letís Play of my challenge. It will be run similar to a game show, where people can send in an application to make their Sim eligible to be in the challenge. To take things a step further, I may have the ownerís of the Sims make their decisions for them (you will see where this would come into play in the rules). If you are interested in being apart of my Letís Play, be sure to share and follow me for when I post the application.

AUTHORíS NOTE II: I am currently working on a database of challenges/rewards/penalties. If youíre stumped on ideaís, let me know if you want me to post what I have so far. Keep in mind, some challenges may not have been tested to see if they work/are fair.

Similar to the T.V series, a group of Sims will be put to the test under solitary confinement with twists around every corner. In their isolation, they will be participating in a number of varying challenges. And you are their guide. Their life depends on their success. Some concepts may have been used from the Warehouse on Black St. Sims 4 challenge. Please check it out if you havenít already.

‣ Without mods, it is recommended that you have, at most, 6 Sims as specimens. Itís an even number, which may come in handy for certain challenges. Itís up to you how many Sims you put in solitary confinement, but you must reserve one household slot for the staff member.
If you are going to use mods that increase the number of household slots (ie., Full House Mod), please be forewarned about stability issues. This challenge has not been tested with more than 6 specimens (it will be in the future). Use at your own risk.
Every specimen must have the Insane trait. Itís easy to become insane in complete isolation, because your only form of social interaction is talking to yourself! This challenge will not work if your specimens do not have the Insane trait. The other remaining traits can be anything you want.
‣ The specimens can be of any gender, race, or age (excluding teens, children and babies, of course). Three male, three female? One male, five female? Itís completely up to you.
‣ It is recommended that each specimen is color coded. Making them wear a certain color, along with painting their chamber the same color. This helps with identification.

‣ The staff member can be any type of Sim you want. Traits should not matter. The sole purpose of this Sim is to manage the building, and serve food to the specimens.

Chamber: Each specimen will have his/her own private chamber. Below is a list of recommended specifications for a chamber:
Main Room/Challenge Room: A decent sized (6x6) empty room. This is where individual challenges take place, and where your specimens spend the most time. Must have 1 table, 1 chair (non-nappable), and 1 bookcase when there is no challenge active. There will be 3 doors attached to this room.
Sleep Room: A cramped 2x3 room with a single bed. This room is attached to the main room.
Lavatory: A cramped 2x2 room with a toilet, shower, and mirror. This room is attached to the main room.
Staff Area: This is where the staff will stay for the duration of the challenge. You can design the staff area in any way youíd like. All it needs is equipment to feed the specimens, and objects to keep the staffís needs satisfied. Must be sectioned off from the specimenís chambers.
Master Hallways (Optional): Depending on how you build, you may need hallways to connect every chamber to other rooms. You will see why you may need this below. The halls must be bare/empty.
The Grand Hall: This is a fairly large room for the specimens to perform group challenges. Use hallways to connect the chambers to this room or just attach the chambers directly to it. The room must be empty unless there is a challenge present.
Team Rooms (Optional): These rooms are smaller than The Grand Hall, but larger than a Main Room. This is where smaller group challenges or some rewards take place. Must be connected to at least 2 chambers.
The Deep Dark: This is a room a specimen goes to if they lose a challenge. They go here to die; becoming eliminated.

‣ The specimens will compete in a large number of challenges. The Sim who performs the poorest will be removed from the challenge (resulting in death). While the sim who completes the challenge first successfully will get a reward/luxury. The last Sim standing will get a good pat on the back and will be allowed to leave Solitary. For hardcore players: The winner of Solitary will become the staff member for the next round, and the previous staff member will be released. Itís not easy escaping Solitary.
‣ You are allowed to use any type of challenge in Free-for-All.
‣ (Optional) Each specimen will get a second chance (or more) in another challenge. If they lose all of the challenges, they will be eliminated. Use this option if you want to play a longer game of Solitary.
‣ If there is a tie between winners or losers, it is up to you how you want to handle it. Either name everyone a winner/loser, or restart the challenge with only the Sims in the tie.
‣ Rewards/Luxuries for winning a challenge can be anything you want. Give a Sim a computer for a day or remove the bookcase from another Simís chamber to give them a disadvantage.
‣ Grand Rewards are given to specimens that win every challenge given before elimination (only works with more than one challenge). These should be high value rewards, such as aspiration rewards.
‣ Penalties are only active if you play with the optional rule above or when a reward calls for a penalty of another specimen.
‣ (Optional) During a challenge, if a specimen breaks an object that is needed for the challenge they will automatically lose that challenge.
‣ Challenges can be anything relatively competitive to where you can easily define a winner and loser (ie., who can paint the most expensive painting).
‣ Aging must be turned off.
‣ All cell phones must be on silent.
‣ If for any reason a specimen dies when a challenge is not active they cannot be resurrected. They are eliminated from Solitary.
‣ Broken objects in chambers must be replaced, never repaired (ie., Toilet and Sink).
‣ The Solitary lot can have any amount of budget money. For hardcore players: Force the specimens to make money for Solitary.
‣ If your save file becomes corrupted, or your game crashes before you could save. You are allowed to cheat to get back to where you were in the challenge.
‣ It is not recommended to control every one of a specimenís actions. This is part of the challenge. If you start a challenge and a sim is starving, oh well. Try to only control specimens when initiating a challenge. Some challenges may not even need initiating from the player.
‣ It is recommended that you have a randomizer and pen/paper ready. The randomizer can help Sims come to a decision, and it can really spice up the game. Use pen/paper or a computer program to keep track in certain challenges, or even each Simís stats. There may be some math involved!

‣ Each specimen is assigned to a chamber. They are only allowed to leave their chamber when a group challenge is in effect or a specific reward is given to them.
‣ Specimens caught speaking to one another before or after group challenges will be disqualified. They can speak to one another freely if it was given as a reward, or it is part of a group challenge.
‣ Specimens that leave their room or Solitary without permission will be disqualified. If this was a result of a game glitch it does not count (unless you feel otherwise).
‣ During a challenge, specimens are allowed to leave/stop (ie., they need to use the toilet) at any time and return without penalty. But, this may cost them the challenge. For hardcore players: Specimens that leave the challenge will automatically lose.

‣ The staff member is not allowed to speak to the specimens. He/She is only allowed meet the winner(s) at the end of the game.
‣ The staff member only has access to the Staff Area and The Grand Hall in Solitary.
‣ The staff member is allowed to leave the lot, but not the neighborhood. He/She cannot travel other lots in the neighborhood (or any place that needs a loading screen to travel to). For hardcore players: The staff member cannot leave the lot.
‣ Staff members cannot have a job, but can generate income that does not require them to leave the neighborhood.
‣ The only duties the staff has is to cook meals for the specimens, prepare group challenges (if needed), and to manage the building (clean/repair, pay bills).
‣ Staff members cannot invite guests from outside the household into Solitary. Parties are not allowed.
‣ (Optional) You are allowed to set the staffís cooking skill to 10 through cheats. You can add any number of traits to the staff member.

Rewards/Luxuries are given to one or more Sims if they win any challenge before elimination day. For hardcore players: Do not give out rewards/luxuries.

Upgrade!: The Sim will get one upgraded object in his/her chamber (ie., better bed/toilet/sink) permanently. This should only be the next tier up from their current object. All beds must stay single size.
Object Privilege: The Sim will get to use an object that isnít normally in their chamber for 1 day (ie., computer/fridge).
Cast a Penalty: The Sim will penalize one or more Sims with any penalty. Must be the same penalty if more than 1 Sim.
Introduction: The Sim will be allowed to meet and socialize with 1 other specimen for a few in-game hours in The Grand Hall or a Team Room.
Disadvantage: The Sim will take away an object from another Sim, and use it as their own for 1 day. Only works on Sims that have the New Object, Luxurious Upgrade, or Object Privilege rewards in effect. If object is a bed/sink/toilet, they will trade their objects.
Advantageous: During the next challenge that contains the use of an object, the Sim will get an object 1 tier higher than the default.
Penalty Immunity: This Sim is immune to all penalties resulting from the next challenge. This reward should only be used if there is 1 challenge winner.
A Generous God: The Sim will give the same reward to all specimens (including self). Only works with the Upgrade!, and Object Privilege, rewards.

Grand Rewards/Luxuries are only given to Sims that win every challenge given before elimination day. These are very high value rewards, and a lot of power comes with them. This works best if you plan to do a large number of challenges before elimination. For hardcore players: Do not give out Grand Rewards/Luxuries.

Luxurious Upgrade: The Sim will upgrade an object to the highest tier in their chamber. All beds must stay single size.
Aspiring to Win: The Sim will get 1 aspiration reward from the shop (cheats required).
Mass Penalty: The Sim will cast the same penalty on all other specimens.
Evolution: The Sim will get an additional personality trait that is not in the aspiration reward shop (cheats required).
New Object: The Sim will get to use an object that isnít normally in their chamber. This object is permanent and cannot be taken away (not immune to penalties/other rewards).
Supreme Advantage: During the next challenge that contains the use of an object, the Sim will get the highest tiered object, rather than the default object.
Challenge Immunity: The Sim is not required to participate in the next challenge. They get a by, and it counts as a win. For hardcore players: The win does not count towards a Grand Reward/Luxury.
Improved Penalty Immunity: This Sim is immune to all penalties given after every challenge before the next elimination day.

Penalties are given to Sims that lose a challenge, or another Sim gave them one through their reward.

Downgrade: If a Sim has an upgraded object in their chamber, they must downgrade to the next lowest tier object.
Out to the Doghouse: The Sim is locked out of their Sleep Room for the day, and can only sleep on a nappable couch in their Main Room.
Buzzed Out (Mod Required): The Sim is locked out of their Sleep Room for the day. They can only use the coffee machine in their Main Room to stay awake (Must have a mod that replenishes the sleep need with coffee).
Deletion: If the Sim has received an object from the New Object grand reward, it will be removed for 1 day. For hardcore players: Delete the object permanently.

Sunday: Free/Grand Reward/Penalty Day
Saturday: Free Day
Monday: Challenge Day
Tuesday: Reward/Penalty/Free Day
Wednesday: Challenge Day
Thursday: Reward/Penalty/Free Day
Friday: Challenge/Elimination Day

This is the same lot I will use in my Letís Play. 50x50 lot size.

‣ Added Reward/Luxury Database, Grand Reward/Luxury Database, and Penalty Database sections.
‣ Showers are now recommended rather than optional in a chamber's lavatory.
Lab Assistant
#2 Old 25th Sep 2015 at 11:00 PM
am setting this up now with characters based on pre-made sims through the years. I would love to see your challenge/reward ideas. Pretty Please and everything :-)

Ps. really no shower or tub?
Lab Assistant
#3 Old 25th Sep 2015 at 11:22 PM
quick question: how does the staff person get the food she made to the sims?
Test Subject
Original Poster
#4 Old 30th Sep 2015 at 12:25 PM Last edited by PrincessZeda : 30th Sep 2015 at 12:37 PM.
@mama_tex It is optional to replace the sink with a shower. So it's up to you. As for getting the food to the sims, you just click and drag it. I forgot to add a photo of the upper level of the building. That is where the housing is for the staff. What I usually do is cook up an 8 portion meal then drag it to each of the chambers, then commanding each specimen to take a plate. As for removing the empty plates, just drag them out to a trashcan.
Test Subject
#5 Old 9th Oct 2015 at 7:50 AM
Hello! I will be starting this challenge! Is the lot you made up on the gallery or somewhere? (because I'm a bad and a bit lazy builder) and do you have any specific challenge ideas you recommend?
Test Subject
#6 Old 19th Jun 2017 at 5:06 AM
Love the idea!
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