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Help with Custom Roads
I apologize in advance if I'm posting on the wrong place, I've never really posted here before..
So here it goes, I am currently modifying Bridgeport, the city from Late Night EP, using the CAW tool. I'm posting because I have found no posts related to the problem I'm having..
I have no problem in sculpting terrain or creating lots and roads but I've been using the tool for a week by now and I am having problems with the some of the roads I have placed.
The thing is, sims won't drive on it. Not in all of them, I have one road that sims drive to half of it and make the rest of the way on foot, and I can't understand why!
I recently noticed that sims can't walk on those roads either, making them totally unuseful, they're there just for looks and I really wanted them to be used normally.
Also, I built every road on the same way, actually, this one that has only half of it functional is one that I built in a single time, going from where the last "piece of road" ended. I hope I made it clear!

Also, I'm posting these screenshots to show you guys where my problem is.. here it goes:

Thank you!
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This looks as if the road is very close to the edge of the map. Have you checked if the area is routable at all? I.e. if no-camera/no-sims routing paint has been applied or if objects are blocking the path? I guess you rebuilt the routing data before export?

Can you show a picture of the routing grid with objects and plants hidden? (Here is how to do that in case you don't know:
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Thank you for your reponse, and youre probaly right
I didn't really mess with routing because I didn't really know what that was about but see: the road is not rotable at all
and here is the other side:

edit: i tried to edit routing myself but i don't seem to be able to..
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You'll find the world routing in the terrain tool section, it's called Routing. It works like terrain paint, you chose a brush and paint or erase. When you activate the routing paint tool you'll see where it is applied. It would help if you zoomed in a bit closer. Do you see that light blue line in the middle of the upper road? That part is perfectly routable. When you zoom in you can see if that light blue line is present for the other roads as well (I don't mean the light blue lines that show that road part is active. You will see what I mean when you zoom in. It's a think light blue line that is part of the routing grid).
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Thank you so much for your help!
I just erased the "non sims routable" part from the edge of the roads and they should be playable now.. Here is what it looks like:

The blue lines, you mean these?
Right now I am exporting the world again to see if the roads are usable, but i'm ninety nine percent sure they are
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Did you rebuilt the routing data? It's better to do it at least once explicitely before exporting. It also allows you to see if the routing is ok afterwards.
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Yes I did

And the roads are totally functional now
Thank you again for your help, I was about to give up on CAW
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You're welcome and good luck! Sometimes it helps to read a tutorial or two when trying new things
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You have to pay attention to routing. If sims get stuck in those or spawn where they can't get anywhere, your came will be slower and lag more and more until your game is unplayable. Caw requires you put in the hours to learn how a game works. Routing tells the game where sims can walk, if it's faulty, your game will be faulty.
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